Question: What Is Rack In Database?

What is another word for rack?

In this page you can discover 88 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for rack, like: hatrack, bracket, hayrack, ledge, perch, whatnot, arbor, trivet, box, counter and trestle..

What are racks?

Racks means money in thousands. Racks is also used to reference having lots of money. The term “Racks” has been used by Migos, Young Thug, Joe Trufant, Kanye West, Nipsey Hussle, 21 Savage, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Pump, and many more rappers.

How much is 2 racks?

A Rack(s) refers to money in thousand dollar amounts. Since not very many people have multiple 100 bills in stacks of $10,000 to sing about, a Rack usually refers to only $1,000.

How much money is in a rack?

“A rack” is $1,000 in the form of one hundred $100 bills, banded by a bank or otherwise. $1000 notes are occasionally referred to as “large” (“twenty large” being $20,000, etc.). In slang, a thousand dollars may also be referred to as a “grand” or “G”, “K” (as in kilo), or a “stack”, a “bozo”, as well as a “band” .

What is considered a stack of money?

A “stack” is slang for $1,000.

What does Jugging mean slang?

a glass of alcoholic drink, esp beer. 6. a slang word for jail.

What is 42U rack?

42U Racks feature a symmetrical frame to allow enclosures to be bayed in space-saving layouts, including side-by-side, one in front of another, in a corner, in U or T arrangements, all without the need for an expensive intermediate frame. 42U Universal Rack Features.

What equipment is in a data center?

All data centers house various types of computer equipment including servers, routers, switches, telephone equipment, and much more. It’s not enough to simply place these items on a desk or shelf to operate.

What is a rack system?

Rack systems are commonly made of steel and maximize facility space while simplifying inventory tracking. Rack load beams are typically topped with decking or cross support bars. The decking is generally made from welded wire and the cross support bars are typically cold-formed steel or structural steel members.

Do bike racks damage your car?

A trunk-mounted bike rack can also damage your car if the bikes are not fully secure. If the front wheel of the bike is able to move, it can easily rub against the paint while you’re driving. This will surely result in scratches and fading paint over time.

How does a refrigeration rack system work?

Refrigeration Rack System consists of multiple compressors piped together connected to multiple refrigerated cases. It allows the use of multiple compressors and condenser fans for cooling more efficiently, conveniently and compactly as compared to traditional individual refrigeration systems.

How many types of racks are there?

There are three primary types of racks: open frame racks, rack enclosures and wall-mount racks.

Why pallet racks are used?

Pallet racks refer to a material handling and storage system that stores materials on skids or pallets. Forklift trucks are then used to lift the goods and keep them on their designed shelves. A typical rack can store several rows of homogenous products. They have been in popular use since the Second World War.

What does wreck mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : something cast up on the land by the sea especially after a shipwreck. 2a : shipwreck. b : the action of wrecking or fact or state of being wrecked : destruction.

What is the difference between rack and cabinet?

One U is a slice of cabinet or rack space that is the full depth and width, and exactly 1.75 inches high. Data racks and cabinets use the same “U” designation – the chief difference between data cabinets and data racks is that racks are open (no sidewalls), while cabinets are closed on all sides.

What is a rack in data center?

A data center rack is a type of physical steel and electronic framework that is designed to house servers, networking devices, cables and other data center computing equipment. This physical structure provides equipment placement and orchestration within a data center facility. Advertisement.

What is rack slang for?

vulgar, slang, mainly US. a woman’s breasts.

How much is 30 racks?

a thousand dollars. My ’72 ragtop cost 30 racks. See more words with the same meaning: money.